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Star Trail Caravan

Project: album

Release date: 2021 soon ish

Genre: lofi, ambient, fantasy, tape collage, downtempo

Caravan is a concept ambient fantasy album / atmospheric sound collage. This is only a limited preview of the first 2 tracks of the ~ 16 track album.

Behind the music:

I began writing this in summer 2019. Originally I wanted to simply pay homage to Vektroid and her early works; the strange captivation by the mystery of the music, I especially enjoyed the feeling of uncovering some strange old artefact, a remnant of a culture that's long faded into obscurity. I designed a few wobbly synths, got some tape hiss and ambient recordings and started actually working on some compositions.

They weren't very good and I got bored and put the project on hold and resumed work in March 2020 when I felt it was time to turn it into something more.

I started looking for some more concrete inspiration. Geography, astronomy, history and others...
I listened to ambient recordings of all kind. I added a lot of those sounds into my music. Somewhere along the way I decided to add various string instruments, mostly double bass and viola. I found that to add a nice human element to all the electronic sounds.

One of the first tracks I created, which now bears the name 'The Ruin of Parthenon', used to be called 'Spirit Plane' and it's undergone a series of drastic changes to arrive where it is now. Check out the previous versions on soundcloud:

The Ruin of Parthenon: First version
The Ruin of Parthenon: Second version (after complete revamp)

Perhaps I will write and publish the story in the future once the album is completed, I think that can add depth to the atmosphere, but so far, I have nothing more that I can show.